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Friday, September 05, 2008


Can you say “shotgun wedding”? McCain & Palin pair up

From the Wikipedia, “A shotgun wedding is a wedding that is arranged to avoid embarrassment due to an unplanned pregnancy….The phrase is an American colloquialism based on a supposed scenario that the father of the pregnant daughter, almost by accepted custom, must resort to using coercion to ensure that the man who impregnated her goes through with the wedding.”

OK, this one is oh so juicy in so many ways. Imagine you’re the young man. Not only did you get Bristol pregnant, but her Mom, Sarah Palin, is the governor of Alaska. And not only that, but McCain just picked Mom to run as his VP. And not only that, but McCain and Palin have just said on national TV that Bristol is marrying you! Can you say shotgun wedding? The only thing missing is Dick Cheney, actual VP, with the actual shotgun. Please don’t tell him.

OK, so then the headline said “Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process.” Do you know why it’s called “vetting”? From the veterinarian examining the animal prior to purchase or adoption! Questions on the vetting process? Let’s see, EPT home pregnancy tests should be mandatory if candidates have teenaged daughters?? And the teenage guys?? They wouldn’t do anything, right? Maybe DNA samples, just in case? Maybe a little waterboarding to determine the actual extent of the activities, and with which princess? Wait, isn’t there a parsha on this or something close?

And, please, no comments on this, but maybe Sarah Palin said yes for two reasons and only two reasons: can you say “sleep depravation”? Can you imagine that any new mom, nursing, gets enough sleep? (May she and the child be blessed.) Oh, and then maybe she’s sure McCain will lose.

I just wonder if Bristol is getting married before the election?

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