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Monday, July 01, 2013


The Harmonica Lewinskies

That's the HarMonica Lewinskies, if you missed it. 

I was in the holy city (New York) recently, taking an evening stroll through the park, when I noticed something a little unusual. 

Were there people in the fountain?  There seemed to be.  I went for a closer look.

They seemed happy.  There was an official looking photographer. Was it the prelude to a wedding?

I asked a bystander.  "Oh, they're the Harmonica Lewinskies,"  he said, as if that explained everything.  When they arrived back on land, I asked one of the suspendered chaps.  "It's a photo for our new album.  We're the Harmonica Lewinskies.  Here's a card - come listen." 

I was about to walk away, when I thought to ask, "How'd you get the name?"  "It just came to me one evening," he said.  "I thought we'd better use it while people still got the joke."

I have my own theory, which involves passionate young Jewish women inspired to be band groupies, but I had to let that go.  I'm not on a Congressional Committee.

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