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Monday, July 18, 2005


So long until we meet again!

Well, another birthday today! A little older, and time to look at the value of time spent blogging, that great diversion. Great fun, challenging, and I've read a lot of pointed, touching, intelligent material. What I've written, may not have risen to that level. For me, time for weight training, studying more, actually writing, and maybe earning a little more to fund that retirement plan. eliyahu36 at gmail period com. Shalom

Hi Eliyahu,

Happy Birthday! And thank you for your post. My first post!

I was on, and went on many a JDate about 4 years ago. Perhaps there will be new people, and I'll sign up again.

I'll also check out besherte.com. Thank you for your suggestions!

Happy Birthday again!

Best Wishes,
I wondered why I hadn't seen you around for a while!

Many happy returns. I think blogging is for people who need an outlet or have time on their hands, which fits me right now. I do look forward to the day when I don't need it any longer. I think a lot of commentary and blogging is a waste of time; I do know I am wasting mine very often, but there ya are, that's where I"m at right now. At best, I'm totally amibivalent about it. Also there's too much hatred, dogma and intolerance, meanwhille RL seems a little kinder and softer.

I hope your life is enriched and enlivened now that you have made time away from the blogosphere. You will be missed.

Kol tuv,

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