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Monday, December 19, 2005


Executive orders & spying on Americans: Wrong!

what is comes down to is this: history demonstrates that governments abuse whatever powers those governments have. the governments always overreach. always. given that background, our forefathers (undoubtedly under the heavy influence of our foremothers as well) weighed in on the side of individual rights and protections. President George Bush asked for a lot in the Patriot Act, and has now overreached. If you believe in liberty, and freedom for all, you cannot write this overreaching into law. residents and citizens must be able to go to court and say, "the executive branch cannot do this." do not believe for one minute that the law will stop our governemnt from torture or whatever else they believe is necessary to defend us from the terrorists. the unfortunate innocents subjected to the devises of the government must have legal recourse. and that means recourse for the guilty as well, as it's not always so easy to tell them apart at first glance. we cannot have a government by imperial fiat without ultimately losing our own freedom. i eagerly await Bush's announcement that he's decided to join the tribe, and will have the circumsision ceremony done in the old way, as recently mentioned in our scroll. then he'll have a real prick, instead of just being one.

Hi Big e
you are the man
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it's been a awhile. since i read shumley's book, that is. i'm sure it was good for him. the book, that is.
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