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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Mall of America - Pilgrimage or Teshuvah?

Passing through Minneapolis on the way to visit ancestral graves, I discovered that my motel was very close to the Mall of America. In fact, they had a free shuttle service! The flight was late, so I can't say it was a pilgrimage to rescue America's economy. All I could do was reflect on my credit card balances, repent, and snap a few photos. Here they are:

PS, The decibel level here is high. Be prepared for the direction kiosk's to shriek at you, surely to rise over the general din. As you will note from this photo, there is an amusement park in the center.

A worthy trip indeed! Did you manage to pass by Lake Wobegon?

Passed by the sign for the trail, which may lead to the actual location. I was too intimidated by the thought of all those above average children to go down the trail.

I stopped by to say hi (*waves hi*) and have a good laugh. ROFL!

I wonder how much teshuvah costs at the mall. As much as membership for High Holy Days? ;)
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