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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Kaddish for My Mom -- October 17, 2010

May her memory be for a blessing, as was her life.

by Marge Piercy, copyright 1999, from THE ART OF BLESSING THE DAY, Alfred A Knopf

Look around us, search above us, below, behind.
We stand in a great web of being joined together.
Let us praise, let us love the life we are lent
passing through us in the body of Israel
and our own bodies, let's say amein.

Time flows through us like water.
The past and the dead speak through us.
We breathe out our children's children, blessing.

Blessed is the earth from which we grow,
blessed the life we are lent,
blessed the ones who teach us,
blessed the ones we teach,
blessed is the word that cannot say the glory
that shines through us and remains to shine
flowing past distant suns on the way to forever.
Let's say amein.

Blessed is light, blessed is darkness,
but blessed above all else is peace
which bears the fruits of knowledge
on strong branches, let's say amein.

Peace that bears joy into the world,
peace that enables love, peace over Israel
everywhere, blessed and holy is peace,
let's say amein.


I'm so sorry, Elyiahu. Ha'makom yenahem etkhem betokh she'ar avelei Tziyonvi' Yerushalayim.
It feels like so little, I have been staring at my comment and it all seems so trite. I hope you're as well as possible, and I wish you peace, soon.
May your memories of your mother bring you comfort.
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